Easter Holiday Update

April 3, 2016
So my Easter holiday has been a bit of a non event this year. I've got so much uni work to do (looking at you masters project...) that I'm still only coming home at the weekends. I did manage a few days at home over the Easter Weekend which was lovely and we had a great drive out on Jasper.
With the clocks going forward we've now switched the ponies routine over so they are now going out at night (although still with rugs on as the weather is so changeable) and they're in during the day. I love this way of managing the horses as they get more time out at grass and when I want to do anything with them they're already in. Bonus! The ponies were a little puzzled the first day but have already got straight back into the routine and were waiting at the gate for me this morning. 
I got a really exciting email this week confirming that I will be eligible to graduate this summer and I'm already really looking forward to it. Our hotel is booked ready and I've started looking at dresses. Fingers crossed for nice weather now!


New Goals for 2016

February 29, 2016

Hang on a moment, its nearly March, isn't it too late to be setting goals? Not according to psychologists and I reckon better late than never. This probably isn't an extensive list but these are my medium term goals for this year.

1. Get better at clipping Jasper's legs.
I'm going to confess this has always been my Mums job. The only time they get clipped is before a competition so they have to look good and there's no room for me to practice and have a go.
I realised at the weekend if I want ...
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The fitness programme begins!

July 17, 2015

Hello everyone!
I'm sorry its been a while since my last post. I've been super busy working like crazy and I've just come back from a fabulous 2 week trip to Crete (excuse the bragging).
Now that I'm actually home properly and not jetting off an fabulous holidays (which you can read about on my lifestyle blog if you're interested) its time to start getting Jasper fit again so we can tackle a few outdoor events this summer.
Have to say I am seriously excited about this!
While our plans are not...
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Weekend at home driving

May 26, 2015

Hi guys :) I've been so bad at writing this blog that many of my readers probably don't know that I've actually got myself a job. This is pretty tough to balance alongside uni and driving Jasper in fact I wrote about it on my Lifestyle Blog because it can be hard at times. My job involves shift work and this weekend saw me getting up at 5am on both days. Not an easy feat when: a) you are meant to be revising for 3rd year exams and b) you sure as hell aren't a morning person.

While I was at sc...
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'Horses shouldn't be on the road'

May 22, 2015

I'm sure there are many people who agree with that statement. After all roads are for cars not horses. Horse riders do not pay tax to be on the road. What possible right do they have to be there?

I've just read an article on Horse and Country about this issue and it absolutely enraged me. So much so that I have taken to my long neglected blog to write about it. The article is about the results of a poll on road users who feel that Horse Riders should have to take a test in order to ride on th...
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BCA Indoors

December 30, 2014
Hello again!
I'm kicking off my New Years resolution off early and starting this blog back up again. 2014 has been a difficult year for Jasper and I and we have faced many setbacks (mostly my degree getting in the way!).
After well over a year off from the carriage driving scene Jasper and I were back on Sunday for our first competition in what felt like forever.
Despite not knowing my test very well and feeling like I was just driving about randomly we were 4th after the dressage. Jasper then ...
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August 16th off to Windsor Park Regional

August 16, 2013
We have had to change our plans slightly aswe were 
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July 21st 1st Place at Lyvers Farm ODE

July 21, 2013
Today Jasper and I headed off to Lyvers Farm near Salisbury for a ODE run by the WHHC. After 3 seasons of pretty much exclusively doing Nationals taking a step back down to club level was rather weird and for me remembering everything in 1 day was very challenging (must be getting old!). I had another chance to practice the test I am doing this season and we had a great score of 50.04 with just one ball down in the cones. This was slightly frustrating as Jasper and I were cantering along nice...
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July 18th Horse Quencher Delivery

July 18, 2013
Nice big parcel has arrived of Horse Quencher and the weather here in Wiltshire is scorching as we are gripped in the heatwave. Jasper now has plenty of his favorite drink to help him stay hydrated and in top condition. It will definitely be coming with us to Lyvers Farm ODE this weekend. Also new pictures from Sandringham in the Gallery page.

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July 12th Home from Majorca

July 12, 2013
Home today from our first family holiday in 8 years. We've had a fantastic time in Majorca with plenty of sun, sea and sand. Now tanned beyond all recognition having enjoyed some well earned R&R. Glad to be home though and Jasper was certainly pleased to see us :) Shame we missed Catton but it was certainly worth it!

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