Today is the first proper day of the main British Young Drivers camp. There are lots of new faces, so loads of names to learn. This is even more of a challenge as the final part of the NYD clinic WE are doing the teaching! In groups of three we gave 8 20min sessions on a variety of subjects to all of the BYD camp. Each group of three had a different subject area to discuss during the 20min slot, ours being the Pony and Stable management. We talked about the use of massage, warm up, cooling down and the role of magnet thereapy. It was weird but strangely fun to be the person doing the teaching for a change and we had good feedback about our sessions from the participents. It is all very good experience for us as eventually we will be the ones who are the strict trainers! Its also been great to catch up with and help all my friends. Dinner was a noisy affair tonight with everyone getting to know each other and we also played a great game of Duck duck goose in the indoor school.