Its my last day up in Stow today and its also my friends birthday so Happy Birthday to her :)
Weather is a bit better today as yesterday I had to be hosed down as I was so muddy from standing on a friends backstep as it chucked it down during her lesson. Huge fun today eating lots of birthday cake and helping out. So sad to be going home but I have to try and schedule in some 'normal teenanger time' and see my non horsey friends, one of which is having a house party tonight. Heart wrenching to leave everyone behind, and it took some time for Kiera and I to drag ourselves away and leave. We are both very proud of the fact that we managed to map read for the entire 2 hour journey home (as mum has my sat nav) and we didn't get lost once! So no arguments but I am going to be pretty tired for this party tonight as I have probably only had about 10 hours sleep since Friday!