We came 5th!!! After 4 nail biting obstacles we held our position to come 5th!!! This is brilliant as I wanted to come in the top 10 but I never thought we would be placed! Jasper really stepped up the pace today and although we weren't the fastest we still had good times. A video of obstacle 2 can be seen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2psHfsKscrg huge thanks to Fiona Powell of Inharness magazine for that!
I am so proud of him and how he coped with the event this time. Last year he had only been broken to drive a short time and had only done a few events and found it all a bit too much and let the atmosphere get to him. This time round he was a complete professional and focused on the job. Several people said to me they couldn't believe it was the same pony which was the highest possible praise. Big thanks to my mum and sister Kiera for all their hard work and to my family that stayed at home for looking after everything without us as well as all the volunteers who work so hard to make Indoor Driving happen. Couldn't do it without them.