This morning I was on at 8.30am as I asked to swap with someone else my mum is going home with Jasper today so we wanted lots of time to get packed up. I was up hideously early, hiked up to Jaspers stable to tack up and helped build the cones course for this morning lesson. As you can imagine it threw me a bit when I got to my lesson and the course had changed significantly! After walking it again we had a great lesson driving the (incredibly tricky) course clear several times and playing around with various routes. I love driving cones as does Jasper so it was a great lesson. Around lunchtime the rest of the British Young Drivers started arriving which was great I was really missing all my friends who arent yet NYDs. After the welcome meeting we had our final chat with our trainers who gave us some great advice, mostly about the importance of straightness, good posture and self belief. We hope they will be training us again next year! My mum left with Jasper around 6 o'clock so I am now sharing my friends lorry. Looking forward to helping out tomorrow!