Today we are setting off to the Junior National Champtionships at Henbury Hall, Macclesfield. As it is the bank holiday weekend we were keen to avoid the ridiculous traffic that we encountered last year that made what should have been a 4 hour journey take 9 hours. We set off bright and early this morning having spent a week preparing for this event. Jasper loaded like a star and off we went. All was fine until we hit the M6 when a worrying red light appeared on the dash board of our Land Rover. I checked the handbook which informed me that we needed to pull over and seek assistance immeadiatly or we would blow up the engine. We opened the bonnet to discover fluid dripping and the coolant bottle empty. While my mum shouted down the phone at the RAC I rang my Dad who was about as helpful. After three hours of waiting the RAC man came and patched our car up and we limped on. Jasper was such a good boy throughout the stressful ordeal, just stood quietly eating his hay. We finally arrived at our destination nearly 8 hours later to set up camp and walk the cones course. Eleanor has very kindly plaited Jasper for me ready for the trot up which is followed by Dressage and cones tomorrow morning!