Yet more rain overnight! Having walked the obstacles about a million times yesterday and doing an England Team course walk my legs are pretty tired. Jasper however wasn't and flew round the marathon to score reasonable times in the obstacles, we even had the fastest time in our class in one of them. He isn't yet a 'marathon machine' but he is improving and thats whats important. The best bit about today though is that we came 2nd making us Reserve Junior National Champion! We also won the Best Turned Out prize for the third year running and we were part of Team England who beat Wales by a good margin to keep our Silver Cup! All very exciting and Jasper looks lovely in his new Sash! Check out Horse Quenchers Facebook page where they have shared the good news already!
Long journey home now but hopefully not as the long as the one on the way up here. Got to be up bright and early tomorrow as off to St. Ives with my family. Scores are up on our Results page too.
Pictures of Henbury by Mr Ham and Jonny Wilkinson