Hello again!
I'm kicking off my New Years resolution off early and starting this blog back up again. 2014 has been a difficult year for Jasper and I and we have faced many setbacks (mostly my degree getting in the way!).
After well over a year off from the carriage driving scene Jasper and I were back on Sunday for our first competition in what felt like forever.
Despite not knowing my test very well and feeling like I was just driving about randomly we were 4th after the dressage. Jasper then remembered that this competing business is fun and got a bit lively in the cones. Having not even looked at a cone for about 18months this is understandable so I was pleased with our slow clear.
I was a bit worried about the obstacles after how lively he was in the cones but all was fine and we came 5th in the end.
This was our first time in Open Pony as the rules have been changed while we've been busy so I am now no longer eligible to compete in Intermediate.
My Christmas holidays have been very busy so far as I have been working most days to try and earn some money as well as trying to do the huge amount of uni work that I've got. All in all its been quite stressful! So it was nice to take some time to do something fun.
While I've been absent from this blog I have set up a new facebook page which you can now follow our progress on.
For anyone interested we are also on twitter and instagram