So my Easter holiday has been a bit of a non event this year. I've got so much uni work to do (looking at you masters project...) that I'm still only coming home at the weekends. I did manage a few days at home over the Easter Weekend which was lovely and we had a great drive out on Jasper.
With the clocks going forward we've now switched the ponies routine over so they are now going out at night (although still with rugs on as the weather is so changeable) and they're in during the day. I love this way of managing the horses as they get more time out at grass and when I want to do anything with them they're already in. Bonus! The ponies were a little puzzled the first day but have already got straight back into the routine and were waiting at the gate for me this morning. 
I got a really exciting email this week confirming that I will be eligible to graduate this summer and I'm already really looking forward to it. Our hotel is booked ready and I've started looking at dresses. Fingers crossed for nice weather now!