No, this isn't some mushy post about how cute Valentines Day is, or some angry post about how life isn't fair. But the fact I am at home, on this particular day, writing this post should give you some clue about my relationship status. I have simply made a list of the reasons why I think horses are better than boys. That's not to say I hate boys, I don't. I just think there are some advantages that my horse will always have over any boy.
1. My horse thinks I am wonderful, no matter what. Unless I plan on pulling his mane, then I am not his favorite person...
2. So long as I make sure he is fed and well looked after (but mostly the fed part cos that's all he is really bothered about) my horse is happy with me.
3. My horse doesn't care how scruffy I look. Even when I wear my ridiculous ear warmers or my Hi Viz jacket that makes me look like a luminous dumpling.
4. My horse is content to let me dress him in whatever ridiculous outfit I like (not many boys who will wear a pink, flowery shirt for you!)
5. When I leave my horse in his stable at night, I know he will still be there the next morning and will still be delighted to see me.

Horses, clearly better than boys in my opinion. Plus, doesn't Jasper look CUTE is his flowery, pink rug? ;)