What an improvement from last week! I thought we were going to have to start from scratch again after the winter with working on Jaspers medium trot. But today he was actually doing it which was amazing. Great lesson, very pleased with him :) thank you Jude for your help, it was a great lesson and I wasn't as exhausted afterwards this time. Was hacking Jasper home when we rode past the postman. He is clearly new around here as he looked mildly alarmed to see someone riding a horse and was then extremely shocked when I stopped and asked if he had any post for me. Rode Jasper home with an armful of post while ripping open the letter I was waiting for, my qualification to the IHDT National Championships!!
I was so excited, but what I hadn't thought through was how I was going to dismount with a ridiculous amount of post which was a bit stupid of me. Still the picture is of my letter, see you at Keysoe!