We woke up this morning to find that we had had four inches of snow overnight! However as Sparsholt College had not cancelled the WHHC had to go ahead with the event planned. We loaded up and braved the icy roads to compete Jasper in the snow! Despite being freezing cold we had our best ever dressage test of 22.5. This was the joint best score and we had the best paces mark of the whole event! The judge also commented on how much he had improved. I just couldnt believe it. Obviously Jasper then decided he was doing a bit well so decided to freak out during the cones about the 'scary' noise the wheels were making in the slushy arena so we had a ball down and time pens. Annoying but never mind. After some lovely obstacles everything was packed up by 2pm and we were home and dry having come third :) Very pleased!