We should have been at an Indoor event at BCA today but it has been called off due to the snow, despite the fact that it has nearly all melted here. It was decided that it was too dangerous and it has been cancelled due to Health and Safety. While its a shame we can't compete today there is a small bit of me that is glad as it is very cold and I  did not have to get up at some unearthly hour this morning.
Instead we drove Jasper this morning, and then met up with Ann, Hester and Julie at the Robinsons Superstore in Basingstoke. Where we spent a fantastic day surrounded by all things horsey. I bought Jasper some new grooming things to make a separate show kit that is clean and can stay in the trailer. He also got a very smart new Weatherbeeta rug which he looks extremely handsome in.
I got some new stirrup leathers as I have short stumpy legs so need childrens ones and I am currently using adult ones on the shortest hole at a length more suitable for Grand Prix dressage riders! Bit irritating as when I am hacking out I like to ride with them slightly shorter as I feel a bit more secure and my old ones didn't give me that option. Got myself an incredibly attractive head band to keep my ears warm during this cold weather too. I look stupid but I would rather be warm! After all that shopping we then had a meal before heading home. So a different day to the one we had planned but it turned out to be pretty good in the end.