This morning the heavens have opened for our Dressage Day. Jasper was a star today and did a lovely test to score 58 which is a result I was hoping for. Unfortunetly hi didn't rein back in the test, I'm not sure why as he tried to go backwards but the carriage wouldn't move. I can only assume it was stuck in a rut or something because he was really trying but we got rubbish scores for that movement which has cost us some penalties. We are currently in 11th place which I am really pleased with. His medium trot was fantastic and he tried his heart out coming down the centre line for the final time. Couldn't be more proud of him. This afternoon saw the rain get worse as the ICKD team did their Derby (cones and obstacles in an arena) with yet more brilliant results to put us in good chance of a team medal. Well done Ann and Kiwi who flew round to come third in the Derby. I am beginning to lose my voice from cheering! Spent all afternoon walking obstacles and will be up again tomorrow to walk them again.