Well after three long days of traveling we are finally here! We had the most enormous thunderstorm last night and it was about a million degrees in our tent. I got up and unzipped the tent in pants and t-shirt which made absolutely no difference. Ann and I went exploring round the beautiful racecourse. I rode Jasper bareback as there was no room for a saddle on the lorry. Today has been swelteringly hot so we bathed both ponies and let them graze in the sun to dry. By 2.30 we were all off on the road in convoy on our way to the showground which was only about an hour away. After the convoys various sat nabs had a disagreement the GB team ended up blocking the town centre while we all turned around. Julie did some nifty reversing, we apologised to the town people who were applauding us and we were back on our way. The showground is lovely and Jasper is all nice and settled in his stable. Tomorrow we have a practise trot up to do.