Spent a great weekend at Windsor Park Equestrian Clubs two day club event. As my exams (and Austria!!) are getting pretty close I'm not competing this weekend but instead backstepping for my friend Jo Basset and her pony Flash.
I had such fun, and it was really nice to be out and about without the added stress of actually competing myself for a change. Its been a while since I have done any backstepping and I really enjoyed myself.
Driving up to Windsor was also my first solo long distance drive as well as my first time on the motorway on my own. I am pleased to say I managed it (even the scary 5 lane section of the M25!) and didn't get lost.
Flash also had a try of some Horse Quencher this weekend and he loved it. At the halt the vet was telling me how wonderful it is and that Jo and I should try it ;) made me smile. Its also great to hear how much other people love the product as well.
Check out Jo's blog at http://www.horseandcountry.tv/blog/tag/14-carriage-driving