For someone who never gets interesting post I had a very exciting letter from the BHDTA today containing my official union jack flag to wear in Austria!
I am so happy as I was worried I might not get to wear it and its fantastic to have our hard work officially recognised.
In terms of progress for Austria most of my team kit has arrived, our team lorry stickers are in progress, the paperwork is being sorted as is our route.
Its really close now and I seriously can't wait.
Our local paper the Salisbury Journal featured an article on us today and the official team announcement went up on the BHDTA website.
Jo Basset also announced the team in her blog which is great.
I also survived the soltice, as I spend a lot of time cold and wet with the horses so one night wasn't too much bother. Was quite magical though and I really enjoyed it, just hope it doesn't rain next year! With no sleep its quite a feat to have got anything done today but I have been busy writing articles and finishing applying to Uni, fingers crossed I get an offer soon!