Today has been crazily busy with more preparation for Austria. Despite having about 6 hours sleep out of the last 72 hours I was up at the crack of dawn to take my sister to school (yup my family enjoys a luxurious chauffeur service provided by moi). I am not a morning person anyway so dragging myself out of bed was tough.

My mum and I were then off to see our friend who is printing the GB teams lorry stickers for Austria to okay the trial one she has done. It looks brilliant and it was so weird to see something I drew on a computer screen actually finished and made. Really looking forward to getting mine so huge thanks to Dawn and everyone else at Garrison PRI for doing this for us.

My sisters have a TD day today so they are at home getting on my nerves as they've got their friends round. Dropped them off in town and after a trip to the bank to tell them they had spelt my name wrong on my account we went to Scats Countrystores to stock up on supplies for Austria. Huge thanks to the team at Scats for their friendly service they have provided me with my entire life and for agreeing to give us a fantastic 10% discount on all equipment we buy for Austria. They also did this for me two years ago when we went to Hungary and it is amazing to have the support of local businesses. While I was having great fun running round Scats loading my trolley with all sorts of horsey stuff The Salisbury Journal rang me so you never know, Jasper might be a bit famous soon... :)

I have also been busy sorting out publicity for the entire team and Carriage Driving Magazine couldn't quite squeeze us in before we leave so have put us up on their Facebook page where you can read my article. We also might be appearing in some slightly more bigger equestrian magazines but we will see.

After all this we rushed home to load Jasper (who thankfully walked straight up the ramp today) to take him to my trainer, Judes yard for another 'holiday'. He is staying with her this week to work on his dressage. Hopefully he will behave himself and come home ready to tackle the challanges Austria will bring.

Finally I also went out for a great dinner with my friends at ASK, we had a really fun time and it was nice to dress up and escape from the craziness that is horses for a few hours. Thank you to Alex for driving me :) More news as it happens. The picture is of Jasper modeling his gorgeous new bridle which I bought in Scats for the trot up in Austria as his existing one is falling apart. Doesn't he look handsome?