Today the rain has finally let up and we've had glorious sunshine. Our marathon time was really early at 8.30am and it was freezing at that time of the morning. My teeth were chattering the whole way round the marathon! Today Mum is back on the backstep but she has hurt her foot and can't walk that well so I was really nervous as I knew it was completely down to me to remember where we were going. However I remembered it fine and we had a good round. Jasper was extremely lively this morning and was a bit of a moron round the marathon, spooking at every blade of grass. We encountered some terrifying crates and pheasant feeders on the marathon. Even worse was the park benches along the drive in front of Sandringham House (we nearly ended up in an ornamental pond!) but the scariest monster was an abandoned carriage lurking in the grass on the way to Obstacle 7. A french competitor unfortunately bent a wheel and had to retire so left their carriage to come and collect later. We nearly ended up back at the lorry park very quickly! Despite his messing around though we are currently lying in 1st with all to play for tomorrow. He drank tons of Horse Quencher and has had a nice snooze in his pen so a happy pony.