Today we are off to The College EC, Keysoe Bedfordshire for the IHDT National Championships. After a whole winter of Indoor Driving from I was the higest placed junior in the Wessex points league we are finally off to the championships which is so exciting! We are travelling up there today as its a three hour drive and settling Jasper in as we are the first class on tomorrow morning. As usual we left about 2 hours after we were supposed to and met up with our brilliant friends Julie and Ann Broadhurst to travel up in convoy. This went slightly wrong as they drove past the service station we were meant to meet at and I ended up map reading for about an hour. Anyone who knows my skills with a map will be amazed that we ever got there let alone caught up with Julie and Ann! Jasper has a lovely stable in a nice quiet part of the yard and has settled in nicely. more tomorrow after the dressage and cones.