Today we were up at the crack of dawn as we were the fast class on for our paces and precision (dressage) and cones. Our wonderful friend Elanor plaited Jasper up for me as she is a pro so big thanks to her :)
I am so proud of how Jasper went today to score 21.0 in P&P which is a personal best for both of us! So many people complemented me on his test and I don't think he could have tried any harder. He coped with the crowd much better this year although we did have a slight moment when everyone clapped at the end.
The cones were seriously demanding and everyone was getting a cricket score. I was pleased to only have one down and some inevitable time penalties. We had the best dressage score in the class (one of the best out of the whole event) with the judge complementing our lovely test and we are lying 5th after the cones.
So its all to play for overnight. Obstacles are not our strongest phase so I hope to come in the top ten and try not to drop too much. Several of our friends have done amazingly well today so we have had great fun cheering them all on too.