Woke up this morning to non stop rain, so when Sam from Hooves-n-Woofers arrived to do Jasper we decided to move the party to inside his stable. Today was the day where Jasper officially enters 'Boot Camp' in preparation for our trip to Keysoe. Stage one was this morning where he had a full clip and his mane pulled, so big thanks to Sam, he looks lovely and smart now. After a quick cup of tea and some lunch it was time to commence with Stage two of the plan, dropping Jasper off at my dressage trainer Jude's yard for a weeks schooling. Jasper bounded up the trailer ramp as it was nice and dry and he hates the rain. I couldn't find him when I went to catch him from the field because he was hiding in the goats shed, which is tiny, I really don't know how he fits in it! Having spent all day rushing about fussing with Jasper had no time to drive Sarah so hopefully the weather will not he so horrid tomorrow and we will be able to get out after school. The picture is of me holding Jasper halfway through his clip, I will try and take some pics of him now the jobs done!