Dressage went well today after the ever scary standing presentation. The going was far heavier than I had anticipated and I was pleased with another score of 57 and 48/50 in both phases respecitvely. However the best part of today is our fantastic double clear in the cones. I was really annoyed with the time penalties I had last time at Ashfields and was determined not to have any today. I also kept trying to remind myself I had driven far more technical courses than this one and we didn't touch a single cone. We had a slightly scary moment with three wheels off the floor but luckily we stayed upright so will be more careful in future when I have to turn tightly on a gradient. Walked 7 obstacles today, two of which are MILES away, which is where having a car instead of a lorry comes in handy ;)
The obstacles are lovley and flowing which will hopefully suit us. We were also treated to watching the fly by today for free. Would have been better if I wasn't driving Jasper at the time but we get much lower helicopters/ jets etc at home so they didn't bother him at all. Unfortunetly the polo match taking place meters from the lorry park has wound him up immensley. Hopefully he will settle down a bit at some point. Big thanks to our friend Vicky for coming today and videoing my dressage.