Today we left for Ashfields as soon as I got home from school and being better organised then last time only left an hour later than planned so we actually arrived in the daylight to set up. Our friend Kate texted us on the way to warn us how muddy it is here. As we were only here 2 weeks ago and it was fairly muddy then, I thought she was probably making a fuss about nothing, until we actually got here and saw the true extent of the mud. It looks more like I've accidently stumbled into Glastonbury then a HDT event! After waiting for the tractor to tow us in, I got the shock of my life when grinning down at me was Jack Thorne, one of my fellow Junior drivers who valiently towed us in. Big thanks to Jack and his Dad for driving our Landrover after my mum wussed out. Dressage is tomorrow so finished cleaning and polishing everything although I think it may be a bit pointless, let nobody say I did not make an effort!