As we are at a National event we are here for three days which means I am missing school today. Oh well, will worry about that later! Our Dressage went brilliantly today with a score of 57, which is well under the 65 target (again!) and the best in the class! As predicted all my cleaning was pointless as just walking from the lorry park ruined all my hard work. Luckily the presentation judge was very understanding. Spent the rest of today walking incredibly muddy obstacles, which the organisers are doing their best to improve. The water obstacle has already been drained and refilled several times as there is just so much water pouring into it. The pictures show what Jaspers socks looked like at home before we left. I originally took the picture to show how grubby his socks were and how amazing my ultra whitening shampoo is. The other picture shows what they looked like after the dressage so in hindsight I think they were pretty damn clean in the first place!
Before and after!