Mud mud glorious mud! Todays marathon was shortened drastically to try and make it fairer for the horses, with extra time and slower speeds to make. This was a good decision as it saved the horses for the obstacles which included a real tank in honour of this years charity, Help4Heroes. Luckily a tank is nothing unusual for us, living where we do. Infact I walked past it about 5 times yesterday and didn't even see it! Jasper was on FIRE today storming round, so proud of him and really pleased that the adjustments we have made to his harness and carriage seem to be working. Unfortunetly the competitor infront of us was bringing on a young pony so was going slowly meaning we had to be held on the marathon. This is the first time this has happened to me and proved to be exceptionally stressful as maths is not our strong point, but we kept a cool head and made sure we had no time penalties. We came 2nd on the marathon and are now lying second overall, but are a long way behind the competitor in first.