Today was the final day of Ashfields National and we were the first driver in the arena this morning; an experience I always find nerve wracking. Jasper was fab today and we had a great clear with just a smidgen of time penalties. That is the annoying thing about going first is you have no idea how tight you are going to be on time, but oh well, nothing I can do about it. I was really chuffed with this until the judges told me I was eliminated! My heart just sank. They told me I had not driven cone number 20 which being the last cone, directly in line to the finish I was certain I had. Not wanting to argue with the Judges decision but being convinced you are being eliminated for no reason is a pretty tricky situation! I guess being the first competitor has its benefits however as lots of people were watching and told the judges I had infact driven cone 20. The judges revoked their decision and we came 2nd overall which we were so pleased with. With only one cone seperating us from first, it was a shame we didn't qualify for the BHDTA National Champs but it was a great start to the season and we have got our under 65 dressage score again.