It only seems like a few minutes ago we were last at Berkshire College of Agriculture but we are back again today to defend our win in Novice Pony with our usual team firmly back in place. After a dressage of 30 we were in joint 4th but then had the worlds luckiest clear in the cones to move us up to 2nd place. My Mum confessed as she thought Jasper was looking a bit 'lethargic' she had been oating him up all week. Yes I know, clearly Jasper thought this was brilliant and decided to do an almighty buck out of sheer excitement in the warm up arena. There we were just trotting around normally and suddenly his feet are rather too close to my face for my liking! Then during the cones he nearly jepordised my turn into cone 4 by trying to do it again. A sharp word from me send him shooting forwards again, which prevented him bucking but also caused me to literally WHACK the cone. How it stayed up I will never know but I am very thankful it did! All those oats gave him wings in the obstacles and our practise at home paid off as we moved up a place to take the lead! Not too sure he will be getting any sort of heating food again any time soon though!
After getting up at 5am for this event my Mum and Kiera then drove home with Jasper while I drove another 2 hours up to The Unicorn Trust in Stow-on-the-Wold for a British Young Drivers on foot meeting. Its been a good day and I have a long night of discussions ahead tonight so more on this tomorrow.