Its been a long day for me today!
After yesterdays early start the discussions then continued late into the night last night so an extra hour or two in bed this morning was greatly appreciated. The theme of the day was Review and Planning with most of the talks being given by fellow National Young Drivers (including me!) at The Unicorn Trust. I also got a chance to talk to the BYD Sports Psychologist, Nichola today which was fantastic as my life is going through so many changes at the minute with uni that I am feeling rather stressed and anxious. It was really nice to tell someone who understood all about it and Nichola gave me some really easy and practical solutions to some of my worries. It sounds a bit stupid but I feel so much better for just sitting down and admitting how hard I am finding adjusting to living a 'double life' but I now see just how much progress I have already made in just a few weeks.
I then did my talk on DIY PR (so to any BYD who might read this, get on and do what I told you to do!!) which went well. The afternoon consisted of a great talk from a McTimoney Chiropracter, Leigh Miller who works as part of the NZ Olympic Team and gave us all sorts of 'behind the scene' insights. Having been to Greenwich to watch the Paralympics I know just how amazing it is but I can hardly begin to imagine what it must be like to be a part of it. One day I hope to see Carriage Driving up there with the other equestrian disciplines. Then it was time for the stunning autumnal drive home before heading back to uni for another long week! Already looking forward to going home and driving.