Very excited to announce that I am now on the BYD committee! I really hope to make an active difference over the coming year and to be part of taking our sport to a new level. In a few weeks time we have on On Foot meeting which I am looking forward to. Kiera and I went for a rather eventful ride this morning which turned out to be the Hack from Hell with everything conspiring against us. Still a good laugh though. Tomorrow we have to get up stupidly early for the first indoor of the season but as the clocks go back tonight, we get get an extra hours sleep. My mum is currently in Crete with two of my sisters to visit my Grandad so my Dad and Kiera are coming with me. Big thanks to Kiera for doing all the horses single handed for the past week while I was at uni. Came home to find no food in the house (my Dad can't cook anything more complex than beans on toast). Ironic that I eat better as a student then I did last night! I don't think bread and Haribo really counts as a meal!