YAY!!!! Jasper and I won our first indoors of the season! We also had the best score of the whole event and he was an absolute star all day (none of his usual nonsense about loading either). We were joint 3rd after dressage with 24 (leader on 23) and it was all pretty close fought. After a clear in the cones and just a few time penalties we moved up to second. Today we also had a switch around in Team O'Neill with my Mum being in Crete to see my Grandad with my other two sisters my Dad was chief driver and Kiera stepped into the role of backstepper like a pro. We flew round the obstacles to move up to 1st by 0.3 penalties! All in all a brilliant day and a big thanks to my wonderful Daddy for very patiently going along with it all (even though he hates horses) and for driving me all the way back to uni afterwards. My Nan also deserves a big thanks for doing all the other animals for us while we were gone.

Also check out Haynet, my blog has been picked for their Blog of the Day Feature!