Up early for the marathon this morning! After walking them in the dark last night they seemed much easier to remember this morning. The route was stunning and we ran into lots of dear this year (just like last year) all helpfully stood in the middle of a compulsory flag. They did move... eventually! I was not particularly pleased with our obstacles as I made a foolish mistake in the 7th which cost us valuable time but importantly we got round safely. I was less disappointed when I realised we were in 4th place! With a big lead over the person behind it looks promising we may be able to hang onto 4th tomorrow. My friends and I spent the afternoon walking down into Windsor Town Centre and discovered just how long the Long Walk really is! We also had a look round a Supercar show that was taking place which was pretty cool. Tonight I get presented my award for winning the Reserve Novice Driver of the Year Award! Yay!