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February 1st Updates

Posted by A O'Neill on Friday, February 1, 2013, In : Day to day 
Been a really long week at uni so I am looking forward to going home tonight.
Just thought I would share with you a few links, this one is to the Horse & Country TV website where we made it into their album of snowy pictures. My profile is also now up on the University of Southampton Sports and Wellbeing site
We also got a mention on Jo Bassetts blog for Horse & Rider magazine and our picture in as well.
As ever you can also follow us on Twitter @Carriage_Driver subscribe to this blog or our ...
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January 24th Exams are finished :)

Posted by A O'Neill on Thursday, January 24, 2013, In : Day to day 
Finally my exams are over! As they have stretched over nearly three weeks so far the return to uni has not been much fun. To be honest quite sick of being locked up in my bedroom staring at notes so finally freedom! Refreshers starts next week and we have been reliving the fun of our Freshers week today when I found my camera with loads of pictures on it that I had forgotten about.
Can't say my exams have gone brilliantly but I have done my best and worked hard so there's not much more I can ...
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January 18th SNOW DAY!

Posted by A O'Neill on Sunday, January 20, 2013, In : Day to day 
Woke up this morning to about 4 inches of snow! This was all incredibly exciting but... I had an exam in the afternoon so spent all morning cooped up indoors revising :(
But at 12pm we were told the uni was shut, exams were cancelled and we escaped outside to freedom and a massive snowball fight! Amazing fun!
The bad news is that obviously I still have to do the exam but they have postponed it to a Saturday that I am away competing on. Not sure what happens now but hopefully it can be sorted ou...
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January 17th Got my Bursary Kit!

Posted by A O'Neill on Thursday, January 17, 2013, In : Day to day 
Its all a bit doom and gloom here at uni at the minute as everyone is stressing about exams. To cheer myself up today (and to procrastinate in truth!) I went to collect my kit that I get as part of my Sports and Wellbeing Bursary at the University of Southampton. Just thought I would share with you how snazzy it is :D
Got my 3rd exam tomorrow and then just 2 left, literally cannot wait for them to be over and one with!
Also check out our video of Kiera, Ann, Hester and I messing about at Spar...
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December 14th Home from Uni

Posted by A O'Neill on Tuesday, December 25, 2012, In : Day to day 
I can hardly believe my first term at uni is over! I have enjoyed it so much but I am definitely ready to come home to recharge my batteries. My holidays look set to be busy as usual with competitions and work to do to as well as the usual commitments of family and uni work.
In truth right now I am very tired and just looking forward to a nice lie in as well as to driving Jasper.

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October 30th University of Southampton Sports Bursary

Posted by A O'Neill on Wednesday, October 31, 2012, In : Sponsorship 
Today I received the fantastic news that I have a place on the University Of Southampton Sport and Wellbeing Sports Bursary! This is a bursary designed to support elite athletes to help them reach the peak of their performance and to cope with balancing uni and sport. I am so excited to be part of this and it is a brilliant step forward for carriage driving as a whole (not just for myself) as the sport is starting to be taken more seriously.
I got through to interview last week, which was now...

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October 8th Freshers Ball

Posted by A O'Neill on Saturday, October 27, 2012, In : Day to day 
Freshers has come to an end with the Freshers Ball. Absolutely loving uni and the fact I can come home and get my horsey fix at weekends! I had a go at Polo last weekend which was so cool! Looking forward to carrying on competing this winter.

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September 23rd Off to Uni :/

Posted by A O'Neill on Saturday, October 27, 2012, In : Day to day 
Today is the big day. I start university. Feeling a very strange mix of crushing loneliness and crazy excitement. Freshers fortnight starts tonight and its going to be amazing! My flat mates all seem nice. They will probably soon realise how crazy I am as they do not yet know how obsessed with horses I can be ;) Don't worry, they soon will.
As I've shared a room my whole life having my own space is very odd. Sure I will get used to it all and settle in soon.

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August 16th Results day :D

Posted by A O'Neill on Thursday, August 30, 2012, In : Day to day 
Very pleased to say that I have been confirmed to study a Masters in Geology at the University of Southampton after my fantastic A* in Geology whooooooop!

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