Hello everyone!
I'm sorry its been a while since my last post. I've been super busy working like crazy and I've just come back from a fabulous 2 week trip to Crete (excuse the bragging).
Now that I'm actually home properly and not jetting off an fabulous holidays (which you can read about on my lifestyle blog if you're interested) its time to start getting Jasper fit again so we can tackle a few outdoor events this summer.
Have to say I am seriously excited about this!
While our plans are not particularly grand we are hoping to squeeze in some low level events before the Indoor season starts and then progressing next year back up to high level. I really wanted to just jump straight back in at National level straight away but uni/work commitments as well as my holiday have meant that there just wasn't time to get Jasper fit enough for proper marathons. I think its best to be realistic about our goals for this summer as our time is limited and I wouldn't want to ask Jasper to tackle a marathon I wasn't confident he was fit enough for.
So keep following us here and on facebook to follow our fitness journey as we work our way towards our first event! We've had a lovely drive out today and I'm looking forward to many more.