Hi guys :) I've been so bad at writing this blog that many of my readers probably don't know that I've actually got myself a job. This is pretty tough to balance alongside uni and driving Jasper in fact I wrote about it on my Lifestyle Blog because it can be hard at times. My job involves shift work and this weekend saw me getting up at 5am on both days. Not an easy feat when: a) you are meant to be revising for 3rd year exams and b) you sure as hell aren't a morning person.

While I was at school I always handled exam pressure by tacking up Jasper and just getting away from it all for a few hours. I have struggled without this coping mechanism while being at uni and it was great to be able to take advantage of the longer days and get out driving Jasper.

Sometimes it amazes me how good he is. I haven't driven him in 3 weeks and we just harnessed up and off we went. No problems. I am really lucky that he is so chilled and tolerates his sporadic workload so well. Had such a nice peaceful drive on both days and it was lovely to just get out in the fresh air. Driving also gives me a chance to have a good catch up with my Mum (my trusty backstepper) and what we've both been up to all week. I always appreciate her advice and it helps me focus for the forthcoming week.

We also managed to squeeze in a family picnic on the Saturday and a pub meal on the Sunday night before I caught the train back to uni. In other exciting news I finished my exams today (hence why I've just got round to writing this post) and I can't wait for summer to begin!