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Mr & Mrs J Young Barley Croft Farm 

Why Sponsor Amber O'Neill ?
And what can Amber O'Neill give you in return?

Over the last few years the cost of competing and training has increased dramatically. I am looking for new sponsors to donate whatever you can afford for the 2015 season, anything from a set of new hair-nets to a carriage, anything would be highly appreciated.
Your sponsorship will receive active promotion at every outing we participate in during 2012, whether this be competing or training.
At every available opportunity I will try to ensure that my sponsors are thanked and credited in tannoy commentary and in any media coverage I achieve. Being a member of the British Driving Society, Indoor Horse Driving Trials and British Horse Driving Trials Association, the media coverage I achieve is more consistent than that of a competitor that only competes at Club Level.
I'm also very willing to hand out as many leaflets as possible in a day of competing to other competitors who will be interested in your products.

Why Amber O'Neill and not a well known-star?

Well-known house hold names may offer you a higher public profile, but as a grass roots event driver I will be promoting your products to the vast majority of potential customers, the people who actually buy your products. Grass Roots Driving is where the majority of members compete. By sponsoring me you will be getting maximum exposure for minimal costs.
I hope I have put something together that has caught your attention. Please do contact me if you think you can help in any way.

Best wishes



Helping you bridge the gap between Professional and 'Happy Hackers'

Amber O'Neill Can Offer You....

* Rider/Driver Testimonials.
* Product Feedback & Reviews.
* Quality Images.
* Publicity While Competing.
* Online & Offline Promotion.

Advertising Space Available on......

* Trailer at Events.
* Horse Rugs.
* Competition Clothing.
* General Clothing.
* Travel Rugs.
* 4 x 4 wheel cover.

And Much More........